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FUN FACT: Drake was my first leading man

My daughter was recently at a wedding in Ottawa, Canada. Her old school mate was taking her vows with a lovely man from the UK. Their both UK citizens. I'm a UK citizen. My whole Family are UK citizens. I digress.

Her mate's brother was in a band 14 years ago. He lived in London Ontario. The Band was from London Ontario. My whole family lived in London Ontario. sorry.

In 2005, I asked her brother if he would be willing to donate one of his songs to a PSA I was directing/producing for my first ever job with the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children (CREVAWC). He said sure. In fact the whole project was like that. Me asking people to donate their services and them saying 'sure'. Casting Director, Jenny Lewis C.D.C, C.S.A. and Sara Kay C.D.C., C.S.A., donated their services and they brought in terrific talent. One of those talented actors was Aubrey Graham. He already had a high profile on the Toronto scene if not Canada being a series regular on Degrassi High.

I remember at the audition Jenny had asked him how he was keeping busy during the shows hiatus. He said he was recording an album in the studio. Jenny had no idea he was into music. "Oh yeah. I've always been into it." Aubrey said with an air of humbleness. I personally didn't know much about him and only cared if he could act. He nailed it. I was fortunate that he came out and auditioned - twice - for me. It was an issue that resonated with him and he wanted to help out. Thank Aubrey! Thank you, Drake.

Alan Powell

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