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March 2021 - While the Covid pandemic is at its height in Montreal Quebec, film productions are challenged with additional safety measures to maintain safe sets to reduce risks of spreading the virus. Such is the case with director/producer Alan Powell's latest project. For a second time, Powell is supported by Montreal based Rezolution Pictures to deliver a series of dramatizations educating employers on how to address sexual harassment in the workplace.

ROSA, Canada’s first national digital platform centralizing the laws around sexual harassment and making it easier for people to navigate the legal system, have partnered with the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children for the educational tool kit that will be made available nationally across Canada. The scenarios are culturally diverse and cover various workplace settings including postal workers, film industry, airlines and trucking industries.

Executive producer, Phillipe Chabot along with producer and cinematographer, Benoit Beaulieu are onboard taking care of the production details. Chabot has been involved in all of Powell's Montreal shoots since the first one in 2014. Beaulieu shot Powell's last project in Montreal and offered to produce this time out as well as shoot it. "It's good to have familiar faces on a shoot. It builds trust immediately. I just wish I could speak French!" Powell jokes yet he does regret not knowing the second official language of Canada. His work around is to hire bilingual crew.

The bilingual production will shoot over four days in April 2021.


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