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Facilitator Films is excited to be working with the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children on their latest collaboration with police leadership in London & Woodstock Ontario Canada. The goal is to understand the principles of a Trauma & Violence Informed (TVI) approach and to identify ways of using existing resources to mitigate the impacts of vicarious trauma on uniformed officers and civilian staff in the organization.

All officers and civilian staff will receive education about TVI practice and how it is being implemented in their

One third of the cast for the TVIR pilot project. From right; Francesco Felice, Dorren Lee, Edie Inksetter, Frank Chiesurin, Ray Galletti, Michael Xavier, Alan Powell (Director).

service. Part of that education are filmed dramatizations depicting uniformed officers in situations where vicarious trauma has impacted their work & home lives. "The quality of the scripts are great." Says Alan Powell, director for the media project. "The dialogue and the reactions to the situations presented are all authentic. That's the key for these videos. If they resonate with the viewers who need the education then they'll walk away with a powerful new understanding of how to participate in developing a healthy culture that supports rather than ignores the issue." Mitigating the impacts of vicarious trauma and deepening the understanding of how trauma impacts victims will help officers to respond to domestic violence situations internally and with the public more effectively.

Production is set for end of January 2020 in Toronto.

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