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Why Actor Care® ?

Studies have proven that dramatic story narratives can often trigger actors and/or leave them with emotional  'lingerings' that can have serious impact on their mental health if not managed well. There are also challenging roles that force actors out of their comfort zone demanding them to engage with more of their emotional pallet. Research has shown that this too can bring an imbalance to an actors mental state.

"Alan's work is unique, creative and deeply life changing for actors. I highly recommend him." 

Dr. Kate Hudgins

Therapeutic Spiral International, Psychologist

What's an Actor Care® Specialist Do? 

When is Actor Care® Needed?

How Do Actors Benefit? 

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"Alan's work and ethos were invaluable on our project." 

Sarah Bedi

Theatre Director, United Kingdom

How Do Productions Benefit?

How Do Acting Coaches & Educators Benefit?

How Do Talent Agents Benefit?


" Actor Care® breaks it down and gives you those tools that helps focus [my character’s emotional states] and it also separates them [from me]. ‘I’m not that. Miranda isn’t that’ but it’s still there bubbling underneath. Actor Care can access all those layers and that richness in the character".

Miranda Colemans, London

(You, Me & Them)

"Wow…wow. Yeah, it was there. [the emotional life] was all there. This is…wow, something I’m gonna need to do for all my characters. I’ve got a lot of different work that I do but I think this one is really important to add”.

Virginia House, New York

 (Law & Order: Organized Crime)

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