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Defense Management 


Beta Test Workshop (4 sessions)
January 30,
February 6, 13, 20, 2024 

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Actor Care® Fundamentals provides a model for delving deeper into a characters' emotional narrative that prioritises actor mental well-being. It has helped actors around the world give braver, layered and more authentic performances.

What You'll Get
Using the tools and techniques provided, you will increase your own resilience and deconstruct your character's emotional and psychological narratives that impact how they behave. As a result, you'll create richly layered and nuanced portrayals. 

Workshop Objectives

Incorporate the basics of Resilience for actor well-being and for characterization

Practice a Self-reflection technique that fosters artistic & personal development

Employ a Defense Management technique to modulate a character’s vulnerability

Create effective Boundaries between you and your character.

January 30, February 6, 13, 20, 2024
4pm - 6pm (GMT)


Beta-test/Subscriber Discount

(65% off)


(All sessions for this final beta-test will be recorded. See terms & conditions below)

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Workshop Requirements

  • A memorized monologue that will challenge you (3-5 min). 

  • This is a highly interactive workshop. You will be required to commit to active participation.

  • Do the assigned work between sessions, to prepare for each class.

  • Examine the work of others, as well as your own, to incorporate what you learn into your own work.

  • Actor  Care operates under the  AACE Code of Conduct. Sessions are held within a safe/confidential space with self-care and respect for others as a guiding principle.


Terms & Conditions

Your permission will be required to have all sessions recorded. 
This particular workshop is in its final beta-testing phase and this introductory run will be used as a demo/promo for future workshops, presentations and/or for evidence for research opportunities to further develop Actor Care offerings.

You will be required to attend a separate online one hour feedback session at the end of the four sessions (date to be agreed upon by all participants) that will be recorded and potentially used for promotional purposes. 

Questions? Contact Alan,

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