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Facilitator Films Produces More Dramatised Disclosures

Facilitator Films has produced a series of dramatisations for early and effective interventions specifically for University and college staff in Ontario. The dramatisations coupled with a power point presentation will help mitigate both short and longer-term trauma for sexual violence survivors. Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence II reunite the talents of screenwriter Angelo Eidse and multiple-award winning director Alan Powell.

The overarching training outcome is to develop effective responses to victims/survivors who report or/disclose experiences of sexual violence that will sustain support and intervention from that point forward.

The videos show both supportive and unsupportive responses and also explore gender, race, class, culture, disability and sexuality, as they relate to understanding sexual violence. The videos are key learning tools for exploring the multiple issues that can influence both the victim or survivor and responder. They help develop an in-depth understanding of the barriers and stigma that affect notions of consent and coercion.

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