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Challenging Your Limits

To Thine Own Self Be True: A Challenge for the Film Actor

Your ability to create riveting performances not only relies on how honest you are with yourself but how deep you’re willing to delve into your own human experience and be vulnerable to the wealth of emotions that arise. This workshop will hold a mirror to the actors approach to character ​development. It will provide a supportive environment in which actors choices are challenged and are encouraged to look deeper within to make decisions that serve the character and take the actor out of their comfort zone.

Actors are guided through prepared contemporary scenes/monlogues of their choosing with on-camera direction/exercises. Performances are later viewed and constructively summarized by the instructor. Emphasis will be on stretching the actors emotional instrument to create powerful film performances that are authentic, layered and grounded in the moment.

Topics covered include:

  • How to create subtle, powerful performances for film

  • Curbing habits that hinder film performance​

  • Connecting to the characters emotional core

"I've worked with Alan on his award wining short Phone Box, He has a unique way of working and directing the actors in a way i've never experienced before and a way that has yielded such great results! The best performance i have put on screen so far!"

TJ Nelson

"Thank you so much for having me. I feel really inspired and found your way of working really clicked with me. I shall spread the word about your workshops- I would like to come back again myself!"

Charlotte Christie

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class and took a lot away from it, through listening to/watching your direction and receiving it, and also through watching the other actors."

Emma Kirrage

Cost: £75 (two evening workshop)​


To register your interest or for any questions contact:

About the Instructor

Alan Powell trained and worked as an actor in Toronto, Canada at the start of his career. His passion to support talent led to the creation of his own hybrid voice over talent production/agency. For ten years Alan directed and produced hundreds of audio productions working closely with his own talent roster and clients throughout North America. After selling his agency Alan founded Facilitator Films. Since 2005 his films have screened worldwide to critical acclaim and have garnered multiple awards internationally. Originally from Toronto, Alan has collaborated with Gemini, Genie (now the CSA's) and Dora award winning actors. He recently directed two time Olivier award winner, Janie Dee in the film As One also starring Neil Morrissey (Men Behaving Badly, Bob the Builder), Jeany Spark (The Interceptor, Man Down, Jericho) and Edward MacLiam (DCI Banks, Run & Jump, Holby City). Alan has directed hundreds of actors across TV, film and digital and is praised for his ability to bring out emotionally authentic performances in every actor he works with.

Over the years Alan has shared his insights from both sides of the camera as an acting instructor at Fanshawe College Continuing Studies, his own on-camera workshops and has been a guest director/instructor at LIFT (Liaison of Independent Filmmakers in Toronto), Talent Unleashed, TVDSB Secondary Schools, Toronto Film School and most recently at The Actors Centre in London, UK. Visit

"Having been a passionate actor and understanding what it means to truly inhabit a character, I now live vicariously through actors when I'm directing them. It allows me to go on the character's journey with them."

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