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Facilitator Films Produces French videos Educating Union Workers in Quebec

After producing english dramatisations for the Canadian Labour Congress' (CLC) educational campaign, Facilitator Films has now completed the French versions for the same campaign. The dramatisations educate employees and senior staff on how to respond if they suspect their co-workers are victims or perpetrators of domestic violence. The project was funded by the CLC and is a partnership with the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children. The scripts were developed from outlines provided by the CLC and CREVAWC and written for the screen by Angelo Eidse and adapted and translated by Robert Paquin. The french language scenarios will be directed by Alan Powell who directed the English versions in 2016. Powell's other CREVAWC projects include directing the scenarios for the elder abuse campaign It's Not Right, Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence and the Neighbours, Friends and Families documentary What Everyone Should Know About Woman Abuse.

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