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"Sunday Punch" Wins!

After the screening at Reel Islington Film Festival on Friday night the panel of judges elected Sunday Punch as this years winner of the Best Short Film prize. I accepted the trophy and thanked the Sunday Punch team even though they were thousands of miles away in Canada! Producers Matt Code and Alex House were instrumental in getting the production off the ground. Production Designer Ciara Vernon and DOP Pasha Patriki I was lucky to have them. The talented cast that included Ennis Esmer, Jessica Greco, Art Hindle, Maria Vacratsis, Rod Black, Brooklyn Lax, John Tokitlidis, Jim Codrington and Nicole St. Martin. The Ontario Arts Council for their financial contribution and believing in me, The Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre and all our IndieGoGo supporters who funded post-production. To all these contributers this award is yours too but I'll keep it :)


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