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To equip communities with the education and awareness to respond appropriately to situations of domestic & sexual violence. I do this through filmed dramatisations and documentaries that ;


Model supportive responses toward victims.  

                          I believe when supportive responses are demonstrated in an authentic

and caring manner concerned parties are more likely to feel confident taking action. 

We all have the power to heal each other through compassionate acts.  



Support the perpetrator in their recovery.

In addition to supporting survivors I believe that domestic & sexual violence

is a man's issue and supporting their recovery will prevent further perpetration and escalation. 


Reflect on our communities.

Attitudes and behaviours shape communities. I invite people to consider the perspective

of the victim and work toward a  more empathetic system of transformative justice.


Hold everyone to account.

As a friend, neighbour, family member, or co-worker, we all have a role to play
in preventing abuse and stopping its escalation.


I aim to partner & collaborate with like-minded organizations to create tool kits
for the wider community & workplaces.

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