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Group Psychotherapy

Supporting personal change

A confidential, safe and containing space to develop and empower your inner resources.

This therapy group focuses on building personal resources through increasing spontaneity, i.e. through a readiness to improvise and respond in the moment. When we are spontaneous, we are most authentic. When we are most authentic, we can change our responses to unwanted patterns in our lives. As a consequence, energy shifts, we become more grounded, self expression gets stronger, creativity flows and life becomes more manageable.

The Approach 


In the early part of the twentieth century psychiatrist and social scientist JL Moreno developed a therapeutic action method that started as improvisational theatre.  He called it Psychodrama.  The techniques have been developed over the last hundred years and incorporated into many different therapies today.

How Does it Work?

Spontaneity & creativity

The work takes place in a confidential, safe and containing space. The approach was inspired by live theatre production, so the terms used in a psychodrama session are similar. The group leader is called the ‘director’. The client is referred to as the ‘protagonist’, the main actor in a psychodrama. Group members supporting the work take on ‘roles’ in the protagonist’s life – often having deep resonances in their own life.  Some of these roles externalise feelings and behaviours that conflict with each other and leave the protagonist feeling stuck.  Deep seated (and often unconscious) beliefs are uncovered through this method.

The group process allows the protagonist to make different choices through action and new messages to self. It develops new roles and strengthens inner resources that reduce stress and anxiety and increases the flow of spontaneity and creativity – the two elements required to be our authentic selves. Group sharing afterwards gives space to those who are warming up to their own group supported protagonist work in future sessions.  

I’m Interested. What’s Next?

Get in touch

Book your series of three 50-minute online one-to-one consultations. The consults will involve some history-taking and discussion around current issues that you would like to explore in greater depth, in a group setting. These sessions are free and confidential. The time will also be used to engage creatively, sampling some of the techniques in psychodrama. There is no obligation to continue after the first, second or third assessment. If you decide to continue onto the group sessions a commitment will be required for the first block.

One to one Consultations

Zoom (encrypted secure link)


3 consultations

50-minutes each


Contact via email to book date and time


Online Group Sessions




Zoom (encrypted secure link)



2-hour weekly sessions

Mondays @ 7PM-9PM


First block:

26 October, 2020 – 17 December, 2020

Second block:

11 January , 2021 - 12 April, 2021





Group Sessions




64-84 Chisenhale Road,

London E3 5QZ

(COVID-secure location)



2-hour weekly sessions

Thursdays @ 7PM-9PM


First block:

15 October, 2020 –

17 December, 2020



£115 - £180

(Reduced fees apply for those experiencing hardship. Get in

touch for details)

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Alan Powell,


I am passionate about creative approaches to personal change. My 15 years as a director of educational drama with trauma-based themes combined with my love for working with actors and  education in psychotherapy uniquely position me to work with artists and anyone wishing to use creative methods for personal change.


I have trained for three years at diploma level at The London Centre for Psychodrama and recently shifted my focus to the Therapeutic Spiral Model - psychodrama for trauma survivors. Prior to this I studied humanistic integrative and psychodynamic integrative counselling achieving certificates in both. I have  worked one to one with adult survivors of sexual violence and prior to that spent two years as a placement therapist working with perpetrators of domestic abuse. I have guest facilitated group psychodrama therapy for the Roehampton Priory’s addictions treatment program as well as facilitating an NCS funded program involving several groups of 40-50 teens focusing on creativity and self-expression.


COVID-secure location 64-84 Chisenhale Road, London E3 5QZ

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