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"I would highly recommend anyone who is intending on playing challenging characters that can trigger past trauma to consider using ACES as a method. We worked through a series of visualisations and character separations which had an empowering impact on my performance".

Vanessa Cruickshank/London

Terema Wainwright

“Not everyone is very concerned about the actors mental health. [ACES] built me up as a person to begin with so that I could handle whatever was going to be thrown at me as the character”.

Aline Andrade
Los Angeles

"The energy was completely different after we did the exercises. I was at ease and in character. I felt fluid and more real. One of the best improvement tools I added to my acting".

Virginia House
New York

"Wow…wow. Yeah, it was there. [the emotional life] was all there. This is…Wow… Something I’m gonna need to do for all my characters. I’ve got a lot of different work that I do but I think this one is really important to add”.

ACES prioritizes Resilience, Boundaries, Defence Management & Self-reflection. 

[ACES] breaks it down and gives you those tools that helps focus [my character’s emotional states] and it also separates them [from me]. ‘I’m not that. Miranda isn’t that’ but it’s still there bubbling underneath. [ACES can access] all those layers and that richness in the character."

Miranda Colmans/London


"It was lovely to acknowledge my strengths and to explore my relationship to them and the purpose of those strengths and how they can serve me.  I thought that was quite liberating really.  To look at myself in that way and to view myself in that way from a personal development perspective and a self-awareness perspective. That was really good."

Oliver Devoti/London

"I now know the kindness we have to give ourselves as actors before we go into any kind of emotional work.”
Joshua Addington, London

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