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"Sunday Punch" Film Review

Sunday Punch (2013) *** Edited by Erin Deck Written and Directed by Alan Powell Produced by Matt Code and Alex House Starring: Jessica Greco, Ennis Esmer, Rod Black, Art Hindle Review By Greg Klymkiw A filmmaker using Cinéma Direct and Cinéma Vérité to create a blend of (literally, as you'll discover) kitchen-sink domestic drama that borders on qualities of Neo-Realism is, frankly, hard enough to achieve with any degree of success. To then spin things and practically morph into creating drama within a re-creation of a reality television episode is to lay oneself open to the considerable potential for either folly and/or slick but ultimately hollow trick-pony gymnastics. Happily, Sunday Punch melds these implicitly disparate elements into a movie that's as fun, sprightly and clever as one would want, yielding a supremely entertaining and original work that offers-up a funny, biting and affecting tale of acrimony within a simple, but layered love story. That the film features sports announcer Rod Black offering play-by-play and Art Hindle dispensing colour commentary (similar to his hilarious work in the original indie feature Monster Brawl) borders on some kind of mad genius.

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